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  • A tourist from Paris photographs a military vehicle on the Big Square in Brussels during the Lock down of Brussels during terrorist threat 4.
  • The Saint Catherine Square in Brusels is being transformed into a Christmas market though a total lockdown of the city because of terror alert IV emptied the city center of all it's visitors.
  • A month in Moldova I kept a blog, and the footage will finally end in a visual story on this dream country.
  • A Syrian refugee peeks from his tent, hiding for a Belgian shower in a  camp in Brussels. The whole story is published on MEDIUM
  • The tent camp for refugees in Brussels as seen through a plastic bag I found, protecting my gear from the rain. 
  • Farmers protest in front of the European Commission Building
  • A man walks with sporting equipment in a village near Brussels.  De Groen Gordel is an event where the green around Brussel is promoted for biking and walking. As it happens this green border lies in Flanders, so the event has an important political value in the language conflict in Belgium.
  • This story on African illegals in Europe, at the coast of Spain, was published using Adobe Slate, a new app for telling stories in a pleasent visual way.
  • Part of a B&W story I did on a cave monastry in Tipova, Moldova as published here.
  • The Duchess of Richmond's ball was re-enacted as on 15 June 1815, the night before the Battle of Quatre Bras.
    two girls check their bags dressed up. See this personal photostory here.
  • Angela Merkel during a press conference after the latest EU Summit.
  • EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager knitting an elephant. Portraits for Welt am Sonntag.
  • My photostory THE DUTCH SOLD NY published in STITCH magazine.
  • President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker photographed at his office for Die Welt.
  • Greek Finance minister Varouvakis in Brussels, at the ECOFIN
  • The First issue of the European version of Politico news-site and paper was launched 21 April, with the portrait of JC Juncker by De Wilde on the frontpage.
  • For the Guardian I shot this portrait of Bill Wiley. He trains volunteers to be war crimes investigators in Syria.
  • Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (left) and minister Jan Jambon pose in front of a special forces police vehicle with special forces, after having seen an demonstration of their actions in Brussels on 23 april 2015
  • Portrait of Belgian soccer player Dries Mertens for a Belgian newspaper.
  • Eurocontrol HQ assignment panorama
  • Portrait for Psychology Magazine USA on surviving Cancer.
  • Herman Van Rompuy explains ins and outs on the European Council to the new President of the European Commission Donald Tusk.
  • Belgian Queen Mathilde and King Filip visit the European parliament. She has a knee injury, and this was her first official visit since her skying holidays.
  • EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager photographed during an interview on Google in her  own office in the EC HQ Berlaymont building Brussels on tuesday 17 February 2015 photographer  CREDIT: Sander de Wilde for The Wall Street Journal.  
  • German politician Bernd Lucke and his wife Dorothee Lucke at their house in Brussels Belgium for Bunte.
  • Dutch politicians Esther de Lange (DCA) and Paul Tang(PvdA) photographed for Dutch newspaper Trouw.
  • A groupshot of coworkers that is one out of 8. They will be transformed into one very long B&W banner for their website.