• Photographer de Wilde delivers portraits and stories  to clients worldwide.
    He's known for putting even the most camera-shy individual completely at ease in front of the lens.  His quick sense and down-to-earth outlook are what allow him to connect with his subjects and create dramatic images.
    Contact him at:
    +32 (0)495793922
  • Famous Belgian soccer player Dries Mertens.
  • Photographing portraits on assignment, on a press conference or walking through town doing street photography.
    Sander feels at ease shooting people, and people feel at ease being photographed by him.
  • His stories and reports on events, travels and long term autonomous projects resulted in prize winning photographs.
  • Dangerous shoot on a busy roundabout in Brussels. The client assists holding a flash in bad weather.
  • Besides editorail work and photojournalism my corporate assignments can be headshots, group pictures, business reportages, theatre photography, (360º) architecture and other forms of assigned photography, in Brussels, Belgium and around.
  • Jean Luc Dehaene photographed through a glass door with the DEXIA logo. The troubled Belgian Bank of which he was president. 
  • An intense and focused creative with the technical skills and experience to fulfill your photographic needs .
    De Wilde is known for his ability to connect with people from all walks of life in an honest and authentic way. His work is unique, real, and believable. He's enthusiastic and passionate about creativity and loves the collaborative process of working with people whether it be the subjects in front of his camera, his clients or peers. 
    Working with his clients’ concepts and ideas, Sander strives for the human connection with the subject and viewer to make for a strong memorable image. That connection keeps his clients coming back.
    Clients include design firms and corporations, major advertising agencies, not to mention NGO’s, celebrities, magazines, record companies and many others.

    Contact him at:
    +32 (0)495793922
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  • Sander de Wilde preparing a shoot, forced to pose himself when lacking an assistant, to check his light set-up... Ironed shirts wrinkle fast from carrying heavy photography gear around-)